MCDM Announces Social Marketing Course

by Vanessa Au, UW Communications Department

Eric Weaver

Eric Weaver, marketing guru
Photos courtesy of Eric Weaver website,

Social Media Analytics and the Measurement of Social Marketing Success” is a new course offered by the UW Master of Communication in Digital Media program that introduces students to the fundamentals of social media analytics and social listening and monitoring, with a focus on tracking the overall social health of brands. On May 6th, Eric Weaver, Senior Vice President of Social Strategy and Intelligence at Spring Creek | IPG Mediabrands, came to visit our class. Weaver, one of the very first digital marketers, has been in the business over 21 years and in that time has helped organizations like Clorox, eBay, Ford, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft Foods, Mattel, the Mayo Clinic, Procter & Gamble, the US Postal Service, the Clinton Administration and many more build and extend their brands online…so he knows a thing or two about digital marketing!

In this talk, Weaver discusses the six major cultural changes that have taken place since the Mad Men era, when we came up with everything we thought we needed to know about marketing. This half-century-old “outbound, intrusion-based marketing model,” he says, simply doesn’t meet the demands of time-starved consumers bombarded by competing messages and empowered with the ability to speak back to brands.

Weaver explains how companies need to look inward, review their marketing processes and rethink how they talk to consumers in light of these cultural shifts. He emphasizes the importance of developing a coordinated approach to integrating social media across the entire organization, from marketing and PR to human resources, customer service, sales, and more.

Eric Weaver visits the MCDM from MCDM Mediaspace on Vimeo.

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