Comm Leadership Hosts Screen Summit at MOHAI

So back in June, Communication Leadership (the program that this blog hails from!) hosted our third annual Screen Summit at the Museum of History and Industry.  It was an awesome event that showcased the work of students in the MCDM program, and an awards ceremony for students who had recently graduated. You can read more about the event here, on the Communication Department site.

Here is a highlight video from the event, it was a great time and showcased so much great work by the students in the program!

Recently the team that had been filming at the event also released the video interviews with the students. Here are a couple of those…

We really recommend you take a look at all the great videos talking about projects students have been working on, from Four Peaks TV, to speaking at SXSW, to an amazing transmedia tourism campaign and so much more.

adminComm Leadership Hosts Screen Summit at MOHAI
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