CommLeader Spotlight| Elizabeth Wiley, Cohort 11

Elizabeth Wiley

Elizabeth Wiley, Cohort 11

Area of interest (within the MCDM program or in general):

While in CL, I haven’t really stuck to one area of interest, instead I’ve taken a variety of classes to fill holes in my experience and knowledge.

What exactly do you do professionally or what are your professional goals?

I am currently a full-time student and co-editor for Flip the Media, but I plan to pursue a degree in digital media and communication in sports (preferably at the collegiate or Olympic level) after graduation.

How are you directly applying knowledge from the MCDM program in your daily life?

I use it as an excuse to spend a lot of time online. On a more serious note, I think my time at CL has changed how I interact with digital tools and spaces, and has made me more critical.

Which classes have had the most impact on you personally and professionally?

Spring quarter this year I took UW Election Eye, which focused writing for and marketing a political blog on the Seattle Times website. Not only did I learn a ton from my classmates and the experience, but I also had the opportunity to travel quite a bit for the class. The highlight was a week-long trip to the East Coast that featured stops in six states. The real highlight was getting to meet people in different areas around the country and find out what matters to them.

As a full-time or part-time student, how have classes worked into your schedule?

My first quarter I was working part-time in Bellingham (about an hour and a half north) while taking classes full time, but since I’ve been focused on school. It’s allowed me to have experiences that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise, but I’m also looking forward to having a regular income again.

What’s your favorite dessert and why?

I would call myself a dessert connoisseur, which makes picking one thing a little difficult. Lately, since it’s finally summer in Seattle, I’ve been on a bit of a frozen yogurt kick. I highly recommend Zoeyogurt in Green Lake if you’re looking for a good place! (I was not paid for this endorsement, nor was I given free fro-yo.)

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