CommLeader Spotlight|Harry Hayward, Cohort 8

Harry Hayward, Cohort 8

Area of interest: Digital storytelling and the future of journalism

What exactly do you do professionally?
I am Director of Digital Media for the University of Washington. The position is part of our division of External Affairs, an area that includes marketing, news, and local-state-federal relations. My position produces and curates video stories for our media channels and UWTV, and manages the UW’s presence on YouTube and iTunesU. I also consult with groups across campus on new technologies like location aware applications and in managing their digital communities through the social networks.

How are you directly applying knowledge from the MCDM program in your daily life?
Many of my MCDM classes have had a direct impact on moving the UW forward in messaging, channel selection and storytelling. Two projects have had the most impact. The first is the development of a digital storytelling resource and training program for storytellers under the banner of “uwstory” and the second is creating and delivering a set of presentations on copyright and fair use for UW communicators.

Which classes have had the most impact on you personally and professionally?
The foundational courses – “research methods” and “history and systems” brought me quickly up to speed on the changing landscape. It had been about 20 years since my last degree, and 10 since I left a major marketing position in banking, and these were the right launching pad.  The course that impacted me most personally was Emerging Markets in Digital Media. To learn about entrepreneurship and innovation in the poorest countries in the world was enthralling.

What digital trends are you most intrigued by right now?
I think the rapid movement toward integration of mobile phones with other technologies and the rapidly rising tablet computing movement are going to again change the way we compute and communicate. We’re always a step behind our students’ knowledge and preferences for electronics in higher education, but we’re aware and continually intrigued by what will be possible in the classroom of the future.

Career-wise, what is your ultimate digital media goal?
Just trying to ride the wave. I’d like to leave the legacy at the UW that every student gets some exposure to digital storytelling and learns how to tell a good story.

And for the sake of a silly question: what’s your favorite dessert and why?
Blackberry pie! I pick the blackberries myself.

Ilona IdlisCommLeader Spotlight|Harry Hayward, Cohort 8
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