CommLeader Spotlight|Thor Tolo, Cohort 10

Thor Tolo

Thor Tolo, Cohort 10

Area of interest: Broadcasting or podcasting to mass audiences with a variety of topics ranging from politics to entertainment to sports

What are your professional goals?

Possibly to start up my own company in which I would commentate while working with others to offer wide variety of opinions offered on social issues and electoral politics at both national and statewide levels

How are you directly applying knowledge from the mcdm program in daily life?

Constantly looking for ways to become a more engaging social media user ranging from twitter to facebook to linked in – especially with recommendations

Which classes have had the most impact on you personally and professionally?

“Leadership in the Digital Age” with Anita Verna crofts continues to be the most influential course of my two-year run in MCDM. Keeping a diary over a few weeks; then entrusting it with her was certainly breakthrough for me as I’ve always been an intensely private person. The course also accentuated some shortcomings of mine in terms of my not always making clear my eagerness to lead in group settings – especially when the topic is right up my wheelhouse.

Professionally, I believe the storytelling course taught by MCDM director Hanson Hosein, Scott Macklin, and Feliz Efe did more to enhance my skills and excite my passion for writing & editing than any other class. Such skills are at the core of what I wish to accomplish in my media career moving forward.

What digital trends are you most intrigued by right now?

There are three:
(1) foremost is the tighter marriage of news sites to rss feeds, while making more efficient the filtering process to get the stories of strongest interest.
(2) learning how to more effectively filter which “friends” and network connections see which posts has eased the perceived need to present one persona.
(3) on down note, the trend that leaves me most troubled is a strong sense that there is very little I can do to block the tracking of my interests & location.

What’s your favorite dessert and why?

Key lime pie because there’s just something about the lime that cools my tongue on a hot day. On cooler West Coast evenings, there’s just something magnificently tempting about a coconut cream pie with a smooth layer of rich chocolate complementing the banana filling in the middle. Just between us, that chocolate can be traditional or the chef can throw me a curve ball with white chocolate chunks.

Ilona IdlisCommLeader Spotlight|Thor Tolo, Cohort 10
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