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SIC mascot Timmy

SIC mascot Timmy

Seattle in October is a socially-inclined techie’s dream. From NWEN’s (Northwest Entrepreneur Network) Entrepreneur University and GeekGirlCon in mid-October, there is barely a day that doesn’t offer up an opportunity to see a panel discussion about future trends in technology and design.  And there’s the networking – ubiquitous throughout the day.

We’re cresting with Seattle Interactive Conference (SIC) – three days of keynotes, panels and social functions that start tomorrow. Full disclosure: SIC’s warm-up event that has just finished this afternoon. AT&T’s Mobile Hackathon (focused on wearables) began on Saturday morning and ended late today with a pitch session by all teams. The five top teams will pitch to a panel of industry experts at SIC on Tuesday afternoon.

And tonight – even early Monday morning, when many of you will see this – it’s all yet to unfold.

The event kicks off at 9AM with a keynote by Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn. After that, talks and panel sessions blast off in all directions – choose whether to be entertained by Onion founder Tim Keck, or inspired by Antonio Holguin of Smashing Ideas, who’s ready to help you explore ways to grow your creativity. With multiple concurrent sessions throughout each day, you’ll want to plan your time and it’s easy to preview offerings online.

It’s also an outstanding place to see 7 UW Communications Leadership faculty and alumni, including program director Hanson Hosein. In order of appearance, here are their sessions (next page):

John Cook (COMM LEAD ADVISORY NETWORK MEMBER)- Session: Monday Oct 28, 11:30am-12:30pm, Room LL2 – Panel 1: Monday Oct 28, 4-5pm, Room 301 – Panel 2: Tuesday Oct 29, 1:40-2:40pm, Room 301

Jumana Al Hashal (MCDM ALUMNI) – Session: Tuesday Oct 29, 9-10am, Room 202

Ken Rufo (COMM LEAD FACULTY) – Session: Tuesday Oct 29, 10:10am-11:10am, Room 204

Brian Marr (COMM LEAD FACULTY) – Session: Tuesday Oct 29, 11:30am-12:30pm, Room 302

Ross Reynolds (MCDM ALUMNI) – Panel: Tuesday Oct 29, 2:50 – 3:50 pm, Room LL2

Paolo Mottola (MCDM ALUMNI) – Session: Tuesday Oct 29, 4-5pm, Room 204

Hanson Hosein (COMM LEAD DIRECTOR) – Session: Tuesday Oct 29, 4-5pm, Room 202 – Panel: Tuesday Oct 29, 1:40-2:40pm, Room 301

For those who are curious about the Comm Lead program, this is a rare opportunity to see so many faculty and alumni in one venue. It’s not your last chance, though. Interested in learning more about the Communication Leadership program? Attend our upcoming Information Session on Thursday, November 14th.

adminUp Next: Seattle Interactive Conference
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