Top Five Ways to Be Social at #SIC2013


After weeks of Timmy the mascot taunting us – SIC is here. You’ve been waiting for it, and now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get dirty with digital. Here are our top  five tips to get the most from your Social Interactive Conference experience this year at #SIC2013.

See below* for a BONUS SIXTH TIP from #SicShingy


Follow the hashtag #SIC2013 on your favorite social feed.

Subscribe to the #SIC2013 speakers twitter list.

New this year: each panel has its own hashtag. Make sure to use the right one for your panel.


Retweet – Give your followers different perspectives on the convention.

Share – We are here to make connections – grow your network by playing well with others.

Follow – See someone that keeps popping up in the feed? Like what they have to say? Pay them a compliment and follow them.



Put down the phone for 20 minutes each hour at the conference

Look around you, see a human?

Start Talking.


Don’t just listen for the sound bite to tweet out, listen for the nugget that will change you.

Go to at least one panel outside of your preferred track (there are three tracks this year: Digital, Develop, and Design).

Even better go to the next panel with the person you were just talking to when being real.


Go to the happy hours.

Get up early to meet new people for coffee.

Plan to meet the person who keeps tweeting those great quotes before the end.

!BONUS TIP! From @Shingy

*Attended #SicShingy this morning where his big take-away was to BE USEFUL, bullets are my paraphrasing of his rapid fire presentation after getting off a plane from Istanbul. Errors are mine. Brilliance is @Shingy.


It’s not about what people do for your brand.

Be more than a brand – be a story, be useful to their lives.

Give them more than what they bargained for.

Don’t forget: when the conference is over, your best take away from the event will be the relationships you’ve formed with real people. So live a little, get out from behind your screen, maybe even dance a little at an after party.

We invite you to meet up with our bloggers and department staff at our panels and by tweeting to us @FlipTheMedia.

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