MCDM alum Alvin Singh on the grounds at Nelson Mandela’s funeral

Alvin SinghAlvin Singh (M.C., 2009) has been living in South Africa for the past two years serving as Strategic Communication Advisor to the African Union Diaspora Forum. He is founder of the ARS Media Group, editor of Unchain Africa Press, a media strategist and documentary producer, but it is his connection to the Tennessee Tribune, where he still writes columns, that gave him media credentials to Nelson Mandela’s funeral.

Photo by Alvin Singh

“This was a very emotional and reflective experience because as a young boy I remember watching live on CNN Nelson Mandela’s release from prison on February 11, 1990,” said Singh, who attended the memorial service where President Obama and other heads for state spoke. “I didn’t know I would live in South Africa 21 years later. He represents the spirit of a true warrior, statesman and communicator who never forgot his personal mission in life.”

While still in Seattle, Singh met and interviewed influential people like President Joyce Banda, Nike Vice President Howard White, Pete Seeger, Harry Belafonte, and was invited to speak at a mobile app conference in Bangalore, India.


Photo by Alvin Singh

“I believe that the world is growing faster outside the United States and that Africa is becoming a market where designers, new media communications and mobile technology are seeing a new revolution that skipped the desktop computer in developed nations,” Singh said.

Since graduating from the MCDM program in 2010, Singh has consulted small and big business from Disney Research Lab to independent business owners, worked as a documentary producer and media strategist on medical missions in Africa, used skills from his classes to lead a crowd funding campaign to raise money for a water pump project in a rural village in Malawi, and developed his own media company that assists businesses with social media marketing and digital storytelling.

“I am honored to graduate with my MCDM degree because it gave me the confidence to know where trends are heading and how to teach others to use these digital tools in a more productive manner,” he said. “My mission at MCDM was not to learn how to find a better job, but how to become a better person and that is what I got from my experience under the direction of Hanson Hosein.”

pelcdvMCDM alum Alvin Singh on the grounds at Nelson Mandela’s funeral
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