Communication Leadership Launches “Storytelling & Content Strategy” Online Certification Program


In today’s interconnected world, every company is a media company and the demand for strategic digital communication has skyrocketed. To meet this growing need, the Communication Leadership graduate program is launching an online Storytelling & Content Strategy Certificate Program in winter 2015.

“We noticed a change happening. Organizations have a need to be more human and friendly with their users, as well as engage their audience in exceptional experiences in order to remain relevant,” explains Comm Lead faculty Andrea Zeller, who co-designed the not-for-credit curriculum. “We wanted to put together a certificate program with the key skill set to empower professionals to take a seat at the table with higher level executives and lead the conversation on creating content and experiences.”

Rather than focusing on mastering ephemeral web tools, the program’s goal is to endow students with a lasting framework for handling content at all stages. That includes determining the needs of one’s audience, creating a powerful user experiences and measuring success.

“Change is constant,” Zeller says. “However, the storytelling and content strategy skill set is adaptable and will evolve with you as the industry evolves, so students can continue to use the approach for many years to come.”

The certification will provide a competitive advantage for communications professionals of all stripes, insuring that students can make the leap from simply broadcasting information to crafting engaging, authentic relationships.

The year-long curriculum breaks down into three consecutive classes: Content Creation, Content Strategy and Content Science. Each will be taught live and online by practicing content strategists and stress collaborative learning and problem solving through real-world client case studies. As part of the Comm Lead umbrella, the Certificate Program will draw from a dynamic network of industry experts, allowing students access to great speakers, professional connections and a valuable window into the field as it works today—from the comfort of their own home.

“As mobile and the cloud hit critical mass, we’re moving into a ‘Communication First’ world,” says Comm Lead Director Hanson Hosein. “That means in this pervasive state of communication through all our 24/7 devices, every organization needs to master how to use content to leverage relationships throughout its communities and networks. It’s a storytelling muscle that needs to be developed then regularly exercised. We also see this as an opportunity to put our unique stamp on the emerging world of content strategy. It’s a great preview of our Seattle-based graduate program that you can now access online from anywhere.”

The Storytelling & Content Strategy Certificate Program is now open for enrollment. Classes begin January 6.

Written by Ilona Idlis. 



pelcdvCommunication Leadership Launches “Storytelling & Content Strategy” Online Certification Program
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