CommLead Spotlight|Shannon Hutchins, Cohort 14


Twitter Handle: I don’t tweet. (I’m a renegade)

Graduation date or expected graduation date: December 2016

Area of interest (within the MCDM/MCCN program or in general): I’m really excited to create interactive digital media storytelling pieces.

What exactly do you do professionally or what are your professional goals?

I currently work as a Brand Manager but intend to move into a Creative Director position or start my own company (again) and work as a freelancer, maximizing all the amazing skills I’m honing during my time in the MCDM program.

How are you directly applying knowledge from the MCDM or MCCN program in your daily life?

Every day at work is an opportunity to use my skills from the program, but what’s most inspiring is the motivation and impact it’s having on my personal projects and artistry.

As a full-time or part-time student, how have classes worked into your schedule?

Upside: 5 credits = part-time and you finish in 2 years. Downside: 15-20 credits worth of great classes each quarter and I can’t take them ALL!

Which classes have had the most impact on you personally and professionally?

So far, both core classes have had a lasting effect on me in regards to the program and its place in the digital world. But joining Scott Macklin for his Immersive Production Studio in the spring is, for me, what I believe is really going to impact my career goals.

What’s your favorite Comm Lead experience?

At this stage it would have to be listening to all of the amazing guest speakers. Seattle is such a rich place for leadership and digital media, and it’s amazing that we have access to these people. It brings everything down to a level where you feel that anything you can dream, you can do.

Career-wise, what is your ultimate digital media goal?

To take over the world one smile at a time.

What digital trends are you most intrigued by right now?

I’m fascinated with the concept of distance, interactive learning through mobile technology.

What’s the strangest food you’ve eaten and under what circumstances?

I haven’t eaten meat since 1998, but there’s a sad song called “strange fruit” that comes to mind with this question. Nina Simone’s version is beautiful and is still a mark of the times. Google it.

Ilona IdlisCommLead Spotlight|Shannon Hutchins, Cohort 14
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