CommLeader Spotlight|Kathy Matosich, Cohort 13


Graduation date or expected graduation date: March 2015

Area of interest (within the MCDM program or in general):

I’m interested in brand communications and overall communication/content strategies.

What exactly do you do professionally or what are your professional goals?

I spent a decade in television commercial production before coming to the MCDM program.  With a background in traditional advertising, I was interested in having a more holistic approach to communications and have been able to step out of the silo of television.

How are you directly applying knowledge from the MCDM or MCCN program in your daily life?

The knowledge that I gain not only from the professors, but my cohort, has allowed me to grow as an individual and to explore disciplines that always seemed daunting or that I didn’t have enough confidence to jump into on my own.  What we learn in the classroom has often had a direct correlation to the work I’ve done as an intern in different companies.

Which classes have had the most impact on you personally and professionally?

Anita Verna Crofts’ Leadership Through Story and Communities has had a profound impact on who I am both in my digital spaces and in my communities at large.  Seeing my cohort’s amazing work that came out of that class has me in awe of my peers.

Andrea Zeller’s Multi-Platform Content Strategy course also had a huge impact on my professional career and really was my formal introduction to the subject.

What digital trends are you most intrigued by right now?

The wearables craze is fascinating to me.  I wonder if in 2 years we’ll look back and think of watches and rings that notify you when you have messages will be viewed in the same way that I view slap bracelets now…

Career-wise, what is your ultimate digital media goal?

My ultimate goal has always been to have a positive impact on the people around me.  I believe that it is easier to reach a broad audience through digital media, but also harder to be your authentic self and have a meaningful impact.  My goal is to figure out the best way to merge these together.

As a full-time or part-time student, how have classes worked into your schedule?

Classes have fit wonderfully in my schedule.  I am a full-time student while working part-time handling communications for a research center at UW.  It is a perfect fit for me since it allows me time during the day to work on my coursework and group projects with classes a few nights a week.

What’s your favorite Comm Lead experience?

There have been many “a-ha” moments for me in my classes, but my favorite experience has been my internship at Facebook in their Content Strategy department.  I didn’t know what content strategy was as a discipline before starting Comm Lead and the knowledge that I gained from Andrea Zeller’s class allowed me to have an amazing summer in Silicon Valley.  I appreciate the program’s focus on having real-world experiences and networking opportunities to make that possible.

And for the sake of a silly question:

What’s the strangest food you’ve eaten and under what circumstances?

I’m not really an adventurous eater, but I do come from Montana where Rocky Mountain oysters are treated as an honest-to-goodness delicacy (which I cannot bring myself to try).

Ilona IdlisCommLeader Spotlight|Kathy Matosich, Cohort 13
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