CommLeader Spotlight|Rob Salkowitz, Faculty

10989956_938447149528903_9064641487928729525_nSerious Questions:

  1. What classes do you teach in the Comm Lead program?

Future of Marketing; Visual Storytelling and Transmedia

  1. What is your teaching style and philosophy?

Not sure I have a teaching style, but my general attitude is that students in this program are here for a practical reason and I want to be sure they leave my class with some useful skills to take back to their professional careers.

  1. What has been your favorite non-academic work experience or job position?

My work gets me invited as a guest and professional at comic conventions. How fun is that?

  1. What’s your favorite class assignment?

In my Future of Marketing class, each team of students owns a different “scenario” (possible future). I really enjoy hearing how they craft those stories.

  1. What changes do you see in store for your industry?

Take my Future of Marketing class and find out!

Fun Questions:

  1. What is one gadget or app you absolutely can’t live without?

I’m a slave to my tablet.

  1. Favorite place to de-stress in Seattle?

Gold’s Gym on Broadway

  1. Favorite comfort food?

Bar-b-Que ribs

  1. Favorite spot on the UW campus?

Magus Books (across the street – does that count?)

  1. What’s something few students know about you?

I enjoy drawing and playing guitar – despite limited skills at both.

Ilona IdlisCommLeader Spotlight|Rob Salkowitz, Faculty
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