CommLeader Spotlight| Jenny Burns, Cohort 13

Jenny Burns, Cohort 13

I will graduate this June, 2015 and I am happily enjoying my final course in the program this spring, Gerry Philipsen’s Ethnogoraphy of Communication.

Area of interest (within the MCDM/MCCN program or in general):

The Master of Communication in Communities & Networks degree program builds upon my personal and professional interests by teaching trending and foundational concepts for effective communication in the networked age. Public education, expanding social networks and connecting over shared interests have always been passions of mine. By emphasizing the value of story, insightful analytics and through networking strategies, the CommLead program supports my interests in emerging digital landscapes, online content development and engaging audiences through social networks.

What exactly do you do professionally or what are your professional goals?

My professional goals are to strengthen communities and share information via tactful and engaging content.

How are you directly applying knowledge from the MCDM or MCCN program in your daily life?

I reference skills and concepts learned from the MCCN program constantly during all aspects of my life. Anything from social networks, to word-of-mouth recommendations to the strength of a community or power of an idea.

As a full-time or part-time student, how have classes worked into your schedule?

I worked part-time with flexible employers and took a full-time course load during the program and it worked out very well. Also, I took summer quarter off and it was a nice time to take a break and re-charge.

Which classes have had the most impact on you personally and professionally?

Every class I’ve taken throughout this program has had significant impacts on me personally and professionally. I reference concepts from Brian Marr’s marketing class often in professional contexts and really valued community building supported by Anita’s Communication Leadership class early on in the program.

What’s your favorite Comm Lead experience?

My favorite CommLead experience was covering SXSW Interactive in Spring of 2014 with Flip the Media. Our team covered emerging digital concepts such as data visualization, social media marketing, the internet of things, and the growing sharing culture trends among numerous other fantastical topics represented at SXSW.

Career-wise, what is your ultimate digital media goal?

My ultimate digital media career goal is to work as a Digital Content Strategist or Content Manager for an organization which supports environmental preservation, sustainability or which supports local communities and quality of life.

What digital trends are you most intrigued by right now?

Currently, I’m really interested in how brands are leveraging user-generated content (UGC) online to support promotional efforts and build brand support.

What’s the strangest food you’ve eaten and under what circumstances?

The strangest food I ate was dim sum jellyfish in San Francisco last summer. It was chewy, clear and not my favorite food. I plan to stick to dumplings, lotus-wrapped sticky rice and fried sesame seed balls in the future….mmm dim sum…

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