VIDEO: Comm Lead’s Lauren Palumbi/Razz Embarks on Cross-Country Tour with Direct Divide Band

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Communication Leadership’s Lauren Palumbi knows how to rock. After completing her Master of Communication in Digital Media (MCDM) degree in fall 2013, the alumna—who goes by Razz on stage and screen—devoted herself fully to music. She credits the program with providing her the support and business acumen necessary to do so.

“Had I known what I would have gotten myself into by coming to Seattle and signing up for the MCDM, I probably would have done it sooner,” she says. “It was such a rewarding experience. There’s such a wealth of experiences—just within my cohort—that I learned from. It’s a valuable network, not just of knowledge, but of people who care about what they do.”

After nurturing both a solo and a front(wo)man career for a year, the electric violinist and singer is going on her first bicoastal tour with the Direct Divide band. Together with bandmates Kevin Proctor (guitar, keyboard), Valdemar Huguet (drums) and Danny Perales (bass), Razz will be crisscrossing the country and promoting their recently recorded album, Bridges.

“I’m really proud of the show we’ve put together,” Razz says. “We’ve put in so much time collectively to make sure it’s the best show we’re capable of.   We never walk on a stage with anything less than, ‘This is Carnegie Hall.’”

Before hopping back in the tour van and driving down to California, Razz and the band sat down with us to reflect on her journey from Comm Lead graduate to professional musician, the MCDM lessons she uses on the road and how music promotion has changed in the digital age. Watch below:

Article and video by Ilona Idlis. Photo courtesy of Direct Divide band.

pelcdvVIDEO: Comm Lead’s Lauren Palumbi/Razz Embarks on Cross-Country Tour with Direct Divide Band
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