Videos: Talent on Display at Communication Leadership Movie Night

It was a night to celebrate, entertain and be entertained. The centerpiece of the evening? Thirteen short videos featuring stunning images and gripping, well-told stories, with genres ranging from comedy, music and journalism to abstract art and everything in between. The second annual Comm Lead Movie Night, held at the Rendezvous Theater on February 7, was everything a movie night should be. Hosted by the University of Washington Communication Leadership (Comm Lead) graduate program alumni fellows, the night provided attendees with the chance to socialize and cheer on those who submitted their work.

Attendees included Comm Lead students, faculty and alumni, as well as family members, friends and individuals who were featured in the showcased videos. Most of the videos were documentaries, with topics including homelessness, virtual reality, laser art and more.

The Winning Video: Honoring Emerging Artists

The winning video of the night, Overlooked Details: An Artist’s Journey, was created by student Scott Wilson for an advanced multimedia storytelling course taught by Alex Stonehill and Sarah Stuteville. Wilson, who is pursing a Master of Communication in Digital Media (MCDM), shared his video to showcase what he learned in that class and to honor emerging artists Kari-Lise Alexander and K.M. Alexander, who were featured in the video.

Wilson also wanted a chance to see videos produced by his peers and to network. “I wanted to attend Comm Lead Movie Night because it was a great opportunity to see the diverse talent we have within this program,” Wilson said, adding, “One of the biggest lessons from the program that this event underscores is the importance of continuously broadening our network. By putting together Movie Night, the alumni fellows provided students with a physical space to gather, share and discuss their work with each other.”

After the video screening, audience members voted on their top three favorite videos. The three winners received applause, flowers and handmade gifts, while all participants who submitted their videos received recognition and admiration. Following are the top three videos based on audience votes and the honorable mentions.

Top Three Videos

  1. Overlooked Details: An Artist’s Journey by Scott Wilson (winner of the Orson Award)
  2. Pioneering VR by Sebastian Sanchez (the story behind this video is featured in an earlier post, Pioneering VR – Creating a Better World Through Virtual Reality).
  3. Taken by Force, United by Hope by Alex Montalvo and Dacia Saenz
Screen capture from "Taken by Force, United by Hope"

An emotional moment from the video “Taken by Force, United by Hope,” by Alex Montalvo and Dacia Saenz

Honorable Mentions


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