Film festival panel features Comm Lead’s Scott Macklin

Quetzanimales_festival pic 1Scott Macklin, the Associate Director of the Communication Leadership Master’s program, has always found filmmaking to be his passion, and was featured in the “Transmedia…The Future” panel as part of the Seattle Transmedia Film Festival last Sunday.

“For me, it’s compelling content coupled with the thoughtful engagement strategy,” he said. “My philosophy for transmedia is that it’s the particularity of the story coupled with the integration of context.”

Macklin attributes his introduction to film as coming from experimenting with his parent’s Super 8 film. Because of the limited film time, “the camera only came out during those special occasions. There was something totally magical even though these were home movies. My brothers and I would take our parent’s film and our Lincoln Logs and our Hot Wheel tracks, and when we discovered matches and gasoline, made films of burning cars in slow motion. We’d have our own film festivals.”

Even though he was accepted to the American Film Institute, Macklin chose to study 15th Century Church history at the Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies in Oxford, England and later earned an M.Phil.F. in Philosophical Theology in Toronto. Most of his film techniques have been self-taught.

Having moved on from filming burning toy cars, Macklin’s resume includes work with Bill Nye the Science Guy CD-ROM game, directing the Ho River Nation’s feature documentary Tribal Journey Celebrating our Ancestors, working with artists and activists in South Africa to co-direct Masziakhe: Building Each Other and he has produced over 200 short and community-centric films. He was the curator of TEDx Seattle and is the Executive Producer of Four Peaks TV.

“Story making, as opposed to storytelling is that transition from just transmitting a story to creating transactions and building relationships,” he said. “Those things coupled together is the focus of my work now, and that was at the heart of the panel.”

stiff_2015 Transmedia panelMacklin’s nominated piece for STIFF, “Quetzanimales: Interactive” will be screening at the Transmedia Gallery through the May 9. An interactive website with short films, lyrics and stories, “Quetzanimales: Interactive” highlights the behind-the-scenes production of an album by a Grammy-winning activist band out of East Los Angeles, Quetzal.

The album is about urban animals, and what identity means in the 21st century. “We’re dealing with environment degradation, rampant corporate greed, and you turn on the TV and you see there are issues with identity and race. Things are askew right now,” Macklin said. “But what does that mean who want to look at the world through the eyes of heart or through the eyes of joy or community?”

Macklin’s film has been nominated for a STIFF award, which will be announced after the conclusion of the festival.

This was Seattle’s first transmedia gallery, and Macklin believes that Seattle presents a unique environment for the medium to thrive.

“Seattle in many ways I believe can emerge as a storytelling epicenter,” Macklin said. “New York was considered the media center, and Hollywood the entertainment center. What’s interesting about the Northwest is that you have the amazing technology, amazing people involved in philanthropy and social causes and music, and the most diverse zip code in the United States with incredible talent.”

Written by Ashley Walls

pelcdvFilm festival panel features Comm Lead’s Scott Macklin
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