Comm Lead’s Cohort 15 students organize first ever volunteer day

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When Communication Leadership student Scott Morris posted a Facebook status months ago asking if anyone would like to spend a Saturday volunteering, he didn’t think he’d get many takers. Much to his surprise, nearly two dozen other Comm Lead students had the same idea.

Cohort 15 student Jeana Ridley said she had been interested in volunteering at PAWS, while a second cohort 15 student, Carrie Hawthorne, mentioned her connection with Seattle Green Partnerships. With the interest obvious and connections already in the works, the three began organizing the ever Comm Lead volunteer day.

All of their planning came to fruition on the morning of Saturday January 30, 2016 as teams of students headed out to volunteer at PAWS, Seattle Green Partnerships and the Ballard Food Bank. In total, Morris estimates the group of 23 students volunteered nearly 100 combined hours for the three organizations.

Students did a number of activities, from helping with restoration efforts along the Burke-Gilman Trail to cleaning kennels at PAWS to organizing food at the Ballard Food Bank.

Photos courtesy of Scott Morris and Jeana Ridley

For those who missed this round, Morris said the group would like to set up more volunteer days in the future, possibly as often as quarterly. Conversations are in the works with at least one other organizations, and there may be an opportunity for a communications-based project, he said. For now, the day was about bonding with fellow students and giving back to the community.

“Basically, we, as cohort 15, were already so eager to connect with each other and build on the camaraderie we’ve developed,” Morris said. “This was a fun way to combine that desire to connect with each other and use our cohesiveness in a way that also gave back, even if just a tiny bit, to the community we’re all a part of.”

To learn more about each organization, or other volunteer opportunities, visit their websites: PAWS, Seattle Green Partnerships and the Ballard Food Bank.

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