Screen Summit 2016 Student Awards

Congratulations to this year’s Screen Summit student award winners! And a very warm farewell to Associate Director Lisa Coutu. View photos of the celebration here.

RESEARCH – Jeffrey Friedrich
The Faculty Awards for Outstanding Completed Research are to provide support and honor for students who have completed research projects. The set of awards include four categories: an undergraduate honors thesis, an M.A. thesis, an M.C. project, and a Ph.D. dissertation. Jeff received his award for his independent research project, “Assessing the best methods for teaching interpersonal communication skills to physicians in training: A systematic review.” Jeff reviewed the current literature on teaching interpersonal communication to residents for both teaching strategies and their effectiveness, and then crafted a paper that sets forth best practices for residency program directors to use to create productive learning opportunities for their residences.

LEADERSHIP – Kirsten O’Brien
This award recognizes a student who has exemplified leadership qualities in a course, across courses, and/or in the program and community. Kirsten embodies the essence of this award. She has served as editor and co­-editor for Flip the Media. She coordinated and lead the SXSW Flip the Media coverage in Austin this spring. She pursued fieldwork in Ghana looking at communication technologies and development under the supervision of the iSchool’s Dr. Araba Sey and developed white papers on her findings.  All three are important contributions that have high impact for our Comm Lead community and the community at large.

COMMUNITY – Matt McWilliams
This award recognizes that our connections with our community ­both within Comm Lead and in the broader community ­­make us who we are. This award recognizes a student whose work to strengthen our community connections made us stronger, smarter, and more collaborative. In Rick McPherson’s class, Matt’s business plan, “Double Up Atlanta,” epitomizes community collaboration. His proposed non­profit would bring together local businesses, government, and communities to help people with the high cost of housing by matching people who want (or need) to rent out rooms or share housing, with people who need housing.

STORY – Leigh Burmesch
Stories are the center of our work. This award recognizes a graduating student whose storytelling moved beyond the classroom to draw attention to a pressing human issue, positively influence the work of a client, and/or demonstrated superb instincts for how to a tell a story that persuades. Leigh’s film, Superfan, beautifully and touchingly tells the story of Kris Brannon, a longtime  SuperSonics fan, and his 7­-year quest to bring basketball back to Seattle. Leigh’s film was screened at SIFF this year, immediately preceding, “Full Court: The Spencer Haywood Story,” about Seattle SuperSonics legend and Hall of Famer.

CREATIVITY – Samantha Hautea
This award recognizes a student who took a class assignment and developed it into something that was both novel and useful (in other words, truly creative), using the requirements of the assignment to explore beyond the boundaries of the course. Samantha’s creativity has been evident in several projects. Pushing the boundaries of a course is a hallmark of her work. Specifically, we are honoring Samantha for the development of “Modding: A Legal and Ethical Introduction for Responsible Game Developers.” In this law course project, Samantha took an intriguing topic like modding and in a novel manner analyzed its legal and ethical implications related to copyright, minors’ privacy, and pre­-release promotion. Additionally, her deliverable was unique and useful: an annotated infographic designed to educate medium­-sized video game developers on best practices.

Ilona IdlisScreen Summit 2016 Student Awards
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