UW Four Peaks: “Bianca Giaever”

Four Peaks is a current affairs show, produced by the Communication Leadership graduate program  and UWTV, that taps into the Pacific Northwest’s rich endowment of idea generators, influential activists, business visionaries and inspired storytellers. Read about the show’s reboot here

Bianca Giaever is an Emmy-award winning filmmaker and radio producer, who at 26 has already established herself as one of the country’s most promising young storytellers. Producing short films that have gone viral and radio stories for powerhouses like This American Life, Radiolab and Reply All. Host Hanson Hosein met up with Bianca at the UW Club on campus for a lunchtime chat to ask her how she’s able to create such consumable content and how she balances the artistic with the commercial.

This episode’s “Communication Leadership in Action” segment spotlights Cohort 15’s Jacob Christensen and his “Have We Cured Deafness?” video series, which explores the impact of cochlear implants and the complexity of Deaf culture.

Produced by Communication Leadership students:
Hosted by Hanson Hosein
Produced & Edited by Scott Morris
Camera: Jacob Christensen, Sebastian Sanchez, Scott Wilson and Ilona Idlis
Executive Producer: Scott Macklin

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Ilona IdlisUW Four Peaks: “Bianca Giaever”
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