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The app/site “Here.” “I use it as an app that allows you to download maps from anywhere in the world and then navigate them even when you’re offline. It offers driving, walking, and biking routes and even has a setting where your phone will vibrate when it’s time to make a turn. I used it biking around Berlin and loved it.” – Anita Verna Crofts

The Detectives Who Never Forget a Face” tells the story of London’s new squad of “super-recognizers” who could inspire a revolution in policing. This fascinating article tells the story of humans with the uncanny ability to spot and remember people and use camera footage to identify perpetrators. It’s a twinning of tech meets human capacity, a good example of key MCDM and MCCN skills at play.

she-doesThe podcast “She Does” by documentary filmmakers Elaine McMillion Sheldon and Sarah Ginsburg features women in a range of media roles. Photographers, writers, filmmakers, comedians, and journalists have all been featured. Episodes from the podcast have shown up as assigned listens in Anita’s core class, “Leadership through Story and Community: Creativity and the Digital Age.” Extra bonus: they feature different independent musicians who perform the soundtrack for each show.

Filmmakers Bring Underrepresented Voices to VR” showcases the women of Seattle striving to lead the charge in virtual reality filmmaking. Shoutout to our very own Comm Lead alumna, Dacia Saenz, whose film Experience Pride is featured.

The Fitbit Charge 2 might not be the most glamorous wearable on the market, but it offers a pretty seamless IoT experience. “It does just about everything you’d want a wearable to do, including automatically guessing and tracking when you’re exercising. No button pushing needed here!” – Hanson Hosein

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