OF COURSE! Spring 2017

Written by Anita Verna Crofts.

With the addition of the MCCN degree four years ago, new terminology arrived to describe electives that were shared between the two degree options, or classes that were less than the traditional five credits: track neutral. Two of our most popular track neutral courses are taught by the same instructor: Carol Schiller of Rumble Marketing. The first, Content & Social Strategy for Maximum Business Impact, tackles the quest for superior content reaching the intended audience and having the intended result; the second, Motivating and Engaging Through Words: The Art and Science of Text-Based Marketing, is an advanced marketing writing class. As the world of content strategy continues to attract more attention and open career doors, these two classes sit squarely in the mix as applied opportunities that blend theory with practical, hands-on work.

I’ll never forget my first phone call with Carol, in December of 2014. I was planning the curriculum for 2015-16, and Carol came to me highly recommended by a current MCCN instructor. At the time we spoke I was in Philadelphia, where I grew up, visiting my parents and extended family. Within minutes of meeting for the first time over the phone, Carol and I discovered we were both raised in the Northeast—our motor mouths were dead giveaways—and she’d supported L.L. Bean during her early marketing career in Manhattan. Be still my Maine heart.

Since then, Carol has held court in the COM building on Saturdays for both her courses, bringing her trademark verve to the classroom. During Content & Social Strategy for Maximum Business Impact, Schiller assures students she’ll help them create content “marketers wish was their own.” Her second class, Motivating and Engaging Through Words: The Art and Science of Text-Based Marketing, is boot camp for your writing muscles. With Carol leading the charge, students produce written content in each class, building their chops in persuasive and effective written communication for marketing. Both classes meet for eight hours on Saturdays, which allows Carol to run students through exercises that bring the material to life and put the students through their paces. The result? Carol has a reputation as a tough-as-nails teacher whose classes are not to be missed. That’s a reputation any Northeasterner would be proud to claim.

For full course descriptions of both of Carol’s classes, visit the Curriculum page on our website and search by her last name (Schiller). All quarters are available at a glance—with MCCN, MCDM, and track neutral classes listed quarter by quarter. Think you’d make a great guest speaker? Let us know through the Partnership Program page of our website!

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