Ending violence against women… by educating boys

by Cauvery Baliamada
Master of Communication in Communities and Networks

Violent crime against women is one of the most destructive experiences; it takes an enormous toll on the lives of individual victims. The dominance of men is often taught at an early age at home, and can be reinforced at school, the workplace, and in every area of life. Women are taught to be submissive, resulting in a cultural cycle of discrimination, anger, silence, insecurity, frustration, and stress. Therefore, my communication dilemma is in educating children to build a better culture of respect and non-violence.

Research shows that over 35% of girls and women worldwide experience violence. Factors associated with an increased risk of violence include low education, exposure to violence in the family, attitudes accepting of violence, and gender inequality.

What if we shaped men’s beliefs about women’s rights when they were still in their boyhoods? What if we influenced boys to be allies of girls? Would that make girls feel safer, more secure, and respected?

This project aims to provide a creative communication solution that can be utilized to educate boys age 5 to 8 years, so that they can develop skills and attitudes against gender discrimination and violence.  My solution is a comic book titled “Him for Her”, which would encourage young men to speak out against wrongful attitudes, stand up for victims, and demonstrate respectful behavior.

Comic Panels from "Him for Her"

Megan JefferyEnding violence against women… by educating boys
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