Comm Lead Connects: Storytelling, Startups & Gender

What is the essence of a startup mindset? How is your story evident in the work that you do? What was it like to the be the first woman hired on your team?

These questions and more were part of a conversation between Comm Lead Associate Director Anita Verna Crofts, Blokable Business Development Lead My Tam Nguyen, and BuzzFeed News Senior Tech Writer Doree Shafrir, to cap a full afternoon at the annual Comm Lead Connects event.

Framed around the themes of startups, storytelling, and gender, the volley of ideas included My Tam’s experience at her startup aimed at upending the affordable housing crisis, Doree’s motivation around weaving gender and discrimination issues into her 2017 novel “Startup,” and the best advice that Anita got when she was in a professional graduate program: who you work for is more important than what you do.

The discussion on the stage sparked multiple conversations following at the Connects reception, underscoring the value of events such as these, which honor the role of a public university to bridge the campus and the community at large for greater shared understanding.

You can listen to and download the full audio of their conversation below.

Alex StonehillComm Lead Connects: Storytelling, Startups & Gender
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