Tools for taming school bullying

by Anthony Rubino
Master of Communication in Digital Media

Unfortunately, school bullying is a universal problem affecting students throughout the world. More often than not, bullying goes unreported because children fear retaliation or being labeled a snitch.

As a way to encourage students, parents, and teachers to report bullying, I created an anti-bullying campaign called “Speak Up! Against Bullying.” At its center is a mascot named Bud the Bulldog, a full-time school district employee who periodically visits schools throughout the year, holding assemblies and educating students about bullying.

Additional methods that students and families can use to report bullying incidences also include a hotline, an anonymous online reporting website, and the opportunity to write letters directly to Bud. Students may also volunteer to join “Bud’s Bully Patrol,” a group that watches for and reports bullying witnessed during recess and lunch. Additionally, we distribute a monthly newsletter that educates parents on how to best discuss bullying with their children, suggested coping strategies, and instructions for reporting it.

Megan JefferyTools for taming school bullying
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