Reading color in another country

by Kathryn Liu
Master of Communication in Digital Media

In this globalization era, being aware of cultural differences is significant. The topic of what color represents to different cultures is such a unique area, I feel that it deserves further exploration. This research project is intended to unearth and disseminate the diverse meanings of colors in different cultures.

An increased awareness of colors’ different meanings not only keeps people from being a “foreign stupid,” but also provides global companies with more opportunities for success. Both the literature of color psychology and color symbolization reveals that color itself is a means of communication.

By exploring both worldwide human behaviors influenced by color, and color’s role in global logo design, I want to produce content on facilitating communication in spite of cross-culture differences. At present, mobile technologies or “hear color theory” provides new possibilities for people to learn color-related cultural differences through interesting and effective ways.

Megan JefferyReading color in another country
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