Building empathy between drivers and cyclists

by Aaron Good
Master of Communication in Digital Media

COMROADERIE is an empathetic approach to driver’s training that uses virtual and practical training experiences to teach aspiring motorists the rules of the road from all road user perspectives, not just the driver’s seat of a car.

By stepping into the shoes of pedestrians and cyclists, while simultaneously learning how to drive, COMROADERIE students build a comprehensive understanding of the law and learn to identify with these vulnerable road users. This knowledge enhances their situational and emotional awareness behind the wheel.

As our cities grow and become more crowded, we need to change social norms and build a sustainable system where all people can coexist safely on the road. COMROADERIE is leading the charge, helping cities achieve safer streets by creating smarter, safer, more efficient drivers who truly understand the world around them.

Megan JefferyBuilding empathy between drivers and cyclists
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