Community organizing tools to amplify citizen voices

by Frost Keaton
Master of Communication in Digital Media

Corporations, special interest groups, political action committees, and lobbyists dominate our current political landscape. Citizens are in desperate need of communication strategies to amplify their voices and enact political and systemic change that truly reflect our democracy. What is a possible solution that will help enable people to organize themselves as well as provide a more effective and efficient means of civic engagement?

ActOn is a conceptual tool that demonstrates a way for everyday citizens to become more civically engaged within their communities. The first focus of this online network is to help people identify the local issues that are most important to them. They can then connect with others in order to collectively engage as a larger coalition. The social networking part of the platform then allows these members to educate, discuss, and debate these topics. Also, they can easily connect with other local networks throughout the country in order to learn from each other and join forces to enact regional and national change. These networks set then up opportunities for community leaders to tap into a self-selected group of people who want to become more civically engaged in specific areas of interest.

ActOn provides community organizing tools to foster ways in which people can mobilize and make the democratic changes that are needed within their communities.


Megan JefferyCommunity organizing tools to amplify citizen voices
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