Compassion-centric understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

by Rachel Felix
Master of Communication in Digital Media

Kadima. From Hebrew, קדימה‎. “Kadima” – literally meaning “forward.”

The Kadima Project is an interactive, online learning experience that aims to provide participants with a balanced and compassion-centric knowledge of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Upon entering the platform, participants have the opportunity to reflect upon and submit any prior knowledge or biases of the conflict. Machine learning combines these responses with public data points on media bias in order to optimize the most balanced learning experience possible.

As the participant delves into the platform, he or she can explore the following:

● Recommended reading based on interest or new areas for learning

● Original video content to explore cultural life and values of the region

● Data visualizations to explore the history of the conflict from a quantitative point-of-view

● Analysis of media coverage and interactive exercises to better understand existing biases

● Resources from partner organizations and opportunities to get involved

The Kadima Project achieves its mission with the help of a devoted team of communication leaders committed to creating a compassionate and balanced understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The team aggregates and fact-checks existing information and develops a unique storytelling experience, allowing participants to understand the issue from an unbiased, bird’s eye perspective. The team is also responsible for assuring the effectiveness of the platform’s optimization algorithm, which will continue to evolve in tandem with the transient media landscape.

The Kadima Project is unique in its approach of combining  data-driven technology and human-centric storytelling to 1) increase understanding of a complex, political issue and 2) tackle the long-standing problem of systemic, biased reporting in United States media.

Megan JefferyCompassion-centric understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
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