Connecting corporate social responsibility with local communities

by Brian Rockwell
Master of Communication in Digital Media (MCDM)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs are part of doing business today. There is plenty of research supporting CSR profitability, on employee satisfaction and retention, on the positive effects it has on consumer behavior, and on the importance of CSR to investors or other stakeholders. However, companies must be careful not to invest solely in CSR programs that are inherently beneficial.

To be authentic, CSR programs should strive to go beyond the numbers. To help these corporations stand out in the crowd, this research aims to provide a solution in which companies can do something unique and inspiring… which is to “keep it local.” By focusing on the communities in which they operate, companies can initiate CSR programs that may strengthen local ties, learn from local leadership, and initiate activities their employees and customers care about the most. By providing a communication platform in which local leadership, the community, and companies can inform one another of local initiatives, businesses can better partner and serve the communities where their employees and customers live. Enter

Megan JefferyConnecting corporate social responsibility with local communities
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