Ethics education in a digital world

by Jennifer Audet
Master of Communication in Digital Media

My communication challenge focused on how to best integrate ethics education into digital literacy curricula to humanize digital communication. My proposal is to create an interdisciplinary platform that weaves character education programming into middle school curricula through an interactive, gamified platform.

Etiko,” which means “Ethics” in Esperanto, would emphasize the competency of ethical decision-making in the same way we think about other subject areas. The platform’s learning modules would center around four themes: Connective. Generative. Reflective. Iterative.

This connective platform would provide adolescents a “safe space” to establish community, share their work, learn the implications of digital actions, and constructively voice their opinions. Its generative environment would break free from the passive consumption learning model. Reflective online exercises would enable students to gain insight through meta-cognition. Lastly, Etiko would be iterative in nature, instilling consciousness-level ethical thinking through continual, rigorous interdisciplinary learning.

Megan JefferyEthics education in a digital world
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