Transcending language barriers

by Renée Meschi
Master of Communication in Communities and Networks (MCCN)

Apps like Google Translate have made some amazing recent breakthroughs in translation technology, working with smartphones and earbuds to provide an almost seamless translation experience. Despite these breakthroughs, translating nuances and context both still require human interpretation, since qualities like tone, emotion, and character are difficult to codify. That’s where Ava comes in.

Ava is a smart app that learns how you think and speak, in order to make customized translations based on your unique personality. Ava accesses your Google, Facebook, and Messenger data to generate a basic blueprint of who you are, and how you typically respond in conversations. It’s more accurate because it’s based on your recorded habits rather than self-reported ones. Just as your phone creates a dictionary unique to you through predictive text, Ava can predict what you might say out loud as you’re saying it.

Predictive interpretation cuts down on lag time in a translated conversation, letting you connect better, faster, and it a way that is unique to you. The best part about Ava is that, as a smart app, it learns from Ava users around the world, constantly optimizing its software for better localization and more authentic sounding translations.

Megan JefferyTranscending language barriers
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