Learn more about Comm Lead in this extensive interview with Director Hanson Hosein

Earlier this summer, Comm Lead Director Hanson Hosein chatted with Master’s In — a site that offers “a comprehensive database of Master’s in Communication degree programs.”

The wide-ranging conversation touched on the program’s ever-evolving curriculum, the difference between the two degrees Comm Lead offers, and the value of the beyond-the-classroom experiences and connections accessed through the program.

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Hosein on how Comm Lead keeps the curriculum and course content up-to-date in a changing industry:

As Director of the program, I talk frequently with industry leaders throughout our region, including CEOs of Amazon, Starbucks, and other large corporations. Our philosophy is, if you know what these companies are looking for, the challenges they are facing, and where they hope to go in the next few years, then you can proactively steer your program in that direction as well.

Hosein on what students really get out of Comm Lead:

I tell students when they are applying that 50 percent of the benefit is the curriculum, and 50 percent is how we connect each of our students to the outside world.

Hosein on how to discern and decide between the two degrees Comm Lead offers:

When applying, students are expected to identify which track they would like to enter; students who want to engage more with the media production end of things select the MCDM track, while students whose career goals concern more face-to-face and interpersonal communication will generally choose the MCCN track.

Alex StonehillLearn more about Comm Lead in this extensive interview with Director Hanson Hosein
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