Food Genie: Diverting excess food from donors to the needy

by Kanhaiya Maheshwary
Master of Communication in Digital Media

India, the sixth largest economy in the world by GDP, is also the second largest food grain producer in the world. It’s ironic, therefore, that over 195 million Indians go to sleep hungry every night. This number takes India to the 100th position on a list that assesses 120 nations on their ability to provide food security for their citizens. Moreover, food shortage is not the culprit; food wastage, poor storage and logistical facilities, and the lack of political will are at the center of this.

My solution is a mobile app that connects food donors with food beneficiaries in real time. Beneficiaries (typically NGOs and NPOs) can raise requests and be matched with people who want to donate food, and vice versa. At Food Genie, we believe that hunger isn’t a scarcity issue – it is a logistical issue. With the amount of excess food thrown away every day, all it requires to feed the hungry is a mechanism that can divert the food from the donors to the needy. Food Genie is a platform that connects donors with NGOs and NPOs who can disburse food.

Anu HastingsFood Genie: Diverting excess food from donors to the needy
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