Enhancing youth civic engagement and education

By Sarah Ninivaggi
Master of Communication in Communities and Networks

My communication challenge was increasing civic education and engagement among high school-aged students.

My proposed solution is to create a digital tool that can be used in or outside the classroom. Unlike games or simulations, this resource empowers students to learn by doing. It is premised on three core sections: identifying ways to get involved, setting goals and measuring progress, and sharing stories and facilitating discussion among peers.

The heart of my mock website was making the point that being prepared to vote doesn’t happen overnight when you turn 18. There are many ways to go beyond voting to get involved, and to learn more about our political system, and it is our collective responsibility to do so.

A communications-centric approach to this issue is important in our country for a few reasons. It considers how to connect young people with meaningful education, as well as how to empower them to share it with their own networks, online and offline.

Throughout this process, my CommLead colleagues provided invaluable feedback and insights that helped inform my project, and future goals with this initiative. Here is a sample of the website wireframe.

Anu HastingsEnhancing youth civic engagement and education
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