Text alerts for changes in prescription insurance coverage

by Samantha Cook
Master of Communication in Communities and Networks

Pharmacies notify customers (often via text) when their prescriptions are ready to be picked up. However, they don’t provide advanced notifications to customers when their prescription coverage has changed. As a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic myself, I know how this makes it difficult for millions of people to receive their next refill of much-needed insulin medications. I created a five-minute podcast for COMMLD 535: Foundations of Audio Storytelling, which also ties into my mission and my final project for COMMLD 501.

Someone with type 1 diabetes needs and uses insulin every time they eat or drink anything in order to regulate the sugar levels in their bodies. So if they go to the pharmacy to get their prescription and are told that their insurance no longer covers the current prescription for whatever reason and they need to get a new one, it can have serious consequences. What if it’s a Friday night and the doctor’s office is closed until Monday? They might have to go to their local ER to get insulin for making it through the weekend.

If pharmacies sent a prescription alert text informing people of such upcoming changes, people like me will have time to contact our physician and figure things out. Not to mention, it would save the hours and money spent in an emergency room.

Anu HastingsText alerts for changes in prescription insurance coverage
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