Integrating environmental fundraising into people’s digital habits

by Juancho Misa
Master of Communication in Digital Media

How can environmental fundraising be woven into the general public’s on-the-go lifestyle (requiring minimal effort) using digital marketing? I started the WildTunes project to tackle this communication challenge. It’s normal to reach a saturation point with environmental fundraising. Having to donate takes a certain level of commitment and interest to actually make someone get up and act. People care for the cause, but this does not necessarily translate to digging into our pockets and filling out credit card forms.

Online fundraising was one of the biggest problems I had to face when I was working with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). I used my experience (and frustration) with this to fuel my project, further defining and giving it shape. People care for the environment; with individual donors accounting for majority of single revenue sources for conservation NGOs, there is potential for greater expansion. More individuals will be willing to participate when online donations are made faster and easier. One way to lower donation barriers is to integrate the process into existing digital habits. Instead of multi-step forms asking for personal details, the donation process should be woven into digital lifestyles.

Listening to music is a universal habit. Whatever mood someone is in, music is good company. Combined with the optimistic change-is-possible outlook of millennials (the largest and most diverse audience in history), a new way of fundraising is born. I am interested in exploring innovative ways of online fundraising through partnerships between Spotify and conservation campaigns. Using a popular medium like music to raise funds for conservation may have the potential to get millions of users donating in seconds. In summary, WildTunes uses New Power values to integrate environmental fundraising into Spotify mobile. Here’s an infographic designed to entice users.

Infographic about the WildTunes project

Anu HastingsIntegrating environmental fundraising into people’s digital habits
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