Making empathy easy in online gaming

by Rodger Caudill
Master of Communication in Digital Media

My communication challenge was conflict resolution within the online gaming space. Conflict resolution is a difficult skill that takes both time and patience. Empathy and understanding through narrative and shared experiences are tested tactics for conflict prevention and resolution, but these methods are especially difficult when diverse identities carved through different experiences are in conflict. These situations become more complicated within online gaming, an environment where people must cooperate in order to complete complex tasks under time constraints.

Given this setting, how can people empathize with one another in order to resolve and avoid conflict in an environment that demands constant action? In partnering with the University of Washington’s League of Legends team, I am creating guidelines to promote healthy communications that will be broadly applicable to the rest of the gaming space. Strategies to resolve and prevent conflict in environments where cognition is being used on game play can provide for guidelines generalizable to scenarios that share similar parameters.

Anu HastingsMaking empathy easy in online gaming
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