EngageMe: Employee engagement app

by Falak Sood
Master of Communication in Digital Media

Employee engagement, simply put, is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work. Research by Gallup shows that a staggering 87% employees worldwide are not engaged. Organizations with engaged employees are 50% more productive and produce greater financial returns. Hence, increasing employee engagement has become imperative for businesses across all industries. Many employee engagement initiatives fail not because of poor design, but due to ineffective communication with employees.

The exploding growth of social media has significantly changed the way people communicate at home and at work. As the workforce becomes more distributed, mobile apps offer a lot of promise for engagement. Most employees have smart phones even when they don’t have access to a computer.

My proposed solution is a mobile application called EngageMe. Main features of this employee engagement app are:
a. Weekly Pulse: Employees are asked one question every Friday and the results/actions taken are shared in monthly meetings.
b. Real-time feedback: It allows employees to give constructive feedback or praise their team members/managers anonymously.
c. Feel-o-meter: Records and tracks how employees are feeling every day. Employees get monthly track reports, and managers can see overall morale of their teams. It also helps managers to provide further help to unhappy employees.
d. Mood board: Allows employees to log their moods and share stories with their team members. It’s a platform for expressing feelings and sharing highlights of their lives with others.

Anu HastingsEngageMe: Employee engagement app
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