Jian Chen’s commitment to introverted leadership

At the end of their first Comm Lead class students produce a portfolio illustrating their leadership through the lenses of story and community. This week, we feature our student Jian Chen‘s video portfolio.


“The leadership portfolio contains a variety of thoughts on my past, present and future. It is more like an informal biography, which tell stories from the first person perspective. When I was writing the script for leadership portfolio, I found that some tenets were familiar to me because the journeys I’ve been through. However, the others remained ambiguous and abstract. Therefore, I started to think in a different way and asked myself three questions: What kind of person have I become? What have I learned in this quarter? And what do I expect in the future? After reflecting on these questions, the seven tenets gradually unveiled themselves. I saw them from my past work, current situation and future insights. They made me and brought me here.”


Watch Jian Chen’s portfolio video:


Alex StonehillJian Chen’s commitment to introverted leadership
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