Beatriz Guimarães is not a brand

At the end of their first Comm Lead class students produce a portfolio illustrating their leadership through the lenses of story and community. This week, we feature Beatriz Cardoso Guimarães‘ reflection on her journey so far, and what her work as a marketing strategist has taught her about the difference between humans and brands. 


“My first quarter in the Communication Leadership program was extraordinary.

The course, the professors, the assistants, the University, and my colleagues, altogether, made my experience remarkable.

The theoretical basis of the program, the texts and books recommended, the professionals invited to speak, and the leadership of the professors and the assistants surpassed my expectations. I encountered different universes, reflected and learned a great deal. I also learned from others, from my colleagues. Alex, Alyssa, Cole, Emily Fisher, Emily Mitchell, Giovanni, Vicente, just to name a few, have definitively made my Saturdays at school more interesting.

And fall is my favorite time of the year. Fall at the University of Washington was even more special.

This document was developed for self-reflection and, most importantly, as a declaration of my intentions and actionable plans, addressed to professional relations and future partners. It draws from assignments I worked on during the quarter and offers new content.

The material reflects the excursion through-out my ten weeks in the course, building my leadership narrative connected to the core principles of the program. The sections found were structure to also represent a summary of my life journey – where I come from, where I am, and where I will be.”


You can explore Beatriz’s portfolio in detail right here.





Alex StonehillBeatriz Guimarães is not a brand
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