Stasea Stewart’s poetic guide to vulnerable authenticity

At the end of their first Comm Lead class students produce a portfolio illustrating their leadership through the lenses of story and community. This week, we feature MCCN student Stasea Stewart‘s interactive poem that offers deeper insights into the tenets of the Declaration of Communication Leadership.


“Come along on this interactive, poetic journey as we explore the seven core tenets of communication leadership. The adventure will take a deep dive into one woman’s inspiration to seek progression in her own life by developing her leadership style. Through various books and articles, she has come to develop one core belief: vulnerability is a key component in developing authenticity.”


Stasea’s portfolio is best experienced here (in presenter mode), complete with additional suggested knowledge materials.


Here’s a quick glimpse of what’s in store:




Alex StonehillStasea Stewart’s poetic guide to vulnerable authenticity
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