Voice-user interface technology brings Vivian Wu’s resume to life

At the end of their first Comm Lead class students produce a portfolio illustrating their leadership through the lenses of story and community. This week, we feature MCDM student Vivian (Weixian) Wu‘s experiment with programming an audio resume for Amazon Alexa.


“For her final project in COM 501: Leadership Through Story and Community with Anita Verna Crofts, Comm Lead graduate student Vivian Wu dove into the natural language AI and created an interactive resume on Amazon’s voice operation system — Alexa — for recruiters or future working partners. It was her first practice programming and creating a voice-user interface (VUI). She enjoyed being immersed in the forefront technologies. She hopes one day, with the help of AI technologies, she can design products that can be applied in a broader range, including for the disadvantaged.”


Alex StonehillVoice-user interface technology brings Vivian Wu’s resume to life
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