Lednet: An app for leaders to connect and grow.

At the end of their first Comm Lead class students produce a portfolio illustrating their leadership through the lenses of story and community. This week, we feature MCDM student Chenchen Gu‘s app.


“Here is Lednet, a social media platform focuses on sharing leadership stories and connecting with different types of self-proclaimed leaders from all of the world. You can log in your account to see what other leaders are doing.

At Lednet, you can tell stories, read and comment on others’ stories, make friends with any users, and endorse their stories by the categories of self-awareness, responsibility, advocacy, influence, and community.

Every user has a personal profile page, where the statistics via collecting endorsements from others are shown as a 5-dimensional digest graph in order to remind the balance of abilities while discovering one’s specialty.

And it also serves as a personal blog so that you can write down your leadership experiences as “notes.” You can write down your thoughts about leadership to gain endorsements and to help each other learn! Functions such as contacts, message and notification systems are also available.

Feel free to enhance what you love and discover your true leadership style here at Lednet!”


Here’s what Lednet looks like:





You can try out the Lednet prototype here and watch a short demo video!

Alex StonehillLednet: An app for leaders to connect and grow.
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