Meet the Team


Susan MacLaren, Creative Director

Susan is the lead consultant, working with clients on content strategy, remote collaboration tools, and digital communication. She oversees creative direction and team workflow. Susan is a part-time student in the Masters of Communication in Communities and Network program and owns her own small business consulting firm.


Stasea Stewart, Client Development

Stasea Stewart was born and raised in the shrubland city of Lancaster, CA. Her childhood home, located at the end of a cul-de-sac, is where she learned the value of community, connections and networking. In 2019, Stewart graduated from California State University, Fullerton as a BOLD Women’s Leadership scholar with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication – Public Relations degree. She is a current CommLead student who strives toward contributing to the body of human research surrounding communication, media, and culture. She will apply for doctoral programs at the end of 2020.


Evelyne Kuo, Event Curation

Evelyne designs and leads virtual events, consults with clients and shares best practices for hosting digital gatherings. She also has digital advertising and multicultural marketing experience. Evelyne is a video production assistant for the University of Washington School of Nursing and a full-time student in the Master of Communication of Digital Media program.


Ryan Quigtar, Community Relations & Equity

Ryan is the Executive Director of the Renton Innovation Zone Partnership, a non-profit convening over 30 organizations to improve academic outcomes for students and families through a racial equity lens. He is in his second year of the Communication Leadership program, on the Communities and Networks track. Previously, he worked as the Community Partner Liaison for the Education, Communities and Organizations major for UW-College of Education, managing the senior capstone internship program. Ryan’s personal mission is to empower communities of color, change systems and increase generational wealth for Black and Brown people.


Megan Herndon, Content Creation & Development

Megan builds resources for communicating during the COVID-19 pandemic and consults with clients about content marketing and strategy. She’s a part-time student in the Master of Communication in Digital Media program and works as an editor for Message Lab, a healthcare communication and content marketing agency. She is passionate about storytelling and all things outdoors. 

Mo Herbert, Video Production & Consulting

Mo is a videographer, storyteller, and musician with experience shooting and editing videos for organizations such as the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Shannon McAuliffe for District Attorney, and the Facts Over Fear campaign. She is well versed in cinematography, post-production, and audio production. She is a full-time student studying Communication in Digital Media and is currently working on an album in her spare time.

In addition to our core team, dozens of volunteers make our work possible. If you’re interested in working with us, fill out this form.

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