Student Life and Resources

Comm Lead has a robust student community, with monthly events, student affinity groups, and countless opportunities to collaborate.

And as one of the largest and highest-ranked universities in the country, UW offers all manner programs and services to support students’ growth, wellness and success both within and outside of the classroom.

Current students are encouraged to review our Comm Lead Student Resources Guide, which includes valuable information on policies and procedures pertaining to Comm Lead, the Graduate School, and UW.

To learn more about the impacts of Covid-19 on student life, and how we’re responding as a program please read this post.

Technology Resources

The Communication Department, which houses Comm Lead, offers our students a variety of technology resources.

If you need to edit, lay out a graphic design, or do statistical work, head to one of the PC and Mac labs to use our state-of the-art software.

Click here to see software available.

Click here to view lab schedules.


A huge selection of cutting-edge technology is at your fingertips via our equipment checkout system. You can rent anything from the latest mirrorless camera to VR equipment to lighting kits from the jam-packed coffers of CMU 318A.

Click here to reserve equipment.


The Communication Department also has a state-of-the-art video recording suite in CMU 222C including lighting, green screen, live-mixing equipment and more. There’s also an isolated audio booth to get a clean, voiceover-quality sound from any recording equipment.

Click here for room reservations, including the recording studio.


To receive training to access this space, current students should email or check our Professional Development Workshops page for more information.

Not sure how to use all this equipment, or need help? These Department of Communication tutorials have you covered.


Our student multimedia tutor, offers one-on-one help with video, audio, editing motion graphics, design and more.

Click here to book a time with the Multimedia Tutor


In addition to these departmental resources, the University offers equipment checkout, studios and technology tutorials:

Learning Technologies Workshops

University Libraries’ Media Arcade

IT Connect Technology Spaces

Comm Lead Community Groups

Comm Lead Discord Server >
We’ve opened up our Discord server to prospective students as a way to get to know the student community, ask questions about the program, and start your journey with us.

Below are private groups for current students and alumni only.

Comm Lead Professional LinkedIn Group >
(Job postings, career resources, professional development)

MCDM & MCCN Professional Facebook Group >
(Job postings, career resources, professional development)

MCDM & MCCN Social Facebook Group >
(Event listings, fun etc)

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